Our story

The idea to start Detours was first envisioned in 2020, when the whole tourism industry suffered tremendously due to the pandemic.
Diana – the founder – who has been working in the travel sector for over a decade realized that Covid is a clear signal that we must change the way we design and operate tourism businesses.

A detour means a deviation, and our tours therefore deviate from the traditional model of sightseeing.
We believe that we have a responsibility towards the local communities and places we visit. Thus, we commit to offer experiences that leave a positive impact in our city. Our focus is thereby shifted from creating a growth in profits to creating a growth in value.

Our vision

Our vision is to use tourism as a force for good.
We start in Zürich, and we hope to inspire further change.

We look at our city and ask:

  • How can we give back?
  • How can we create change?
  • What are the societal issues that need attention?

Each detour is designed with these questions in mind.

Make your time in Zürich count!

"Tourism has the potential to become an agent of positive transformation that can contribute to a better quality of life for all". - Anna Pollock

Our goals

Raise awareness

  • by putting a spotlight on local change-makers
  • by discussing current topics that need our attention
  • by promoting responsible & local purchase choices

Give back

  • by supporting local good causes and initiatives
  • by creating meaningful encounters between locals and visitors
  • by exchanging knowledge and experience on the tours

Advocate for transparency

  • by fully disclosing our price breakdowns to the public via our “impact wheels”
  • by promoting transparency around our business practices
  • by encouraging buying choices with a positive impact